About Ceno2


A graffiti artist from Singapore!

Amidst the concrete jungle of a global financial hub, Ceno2 has been able to hone his talent of the arts and apply it to the unique form of graffiti. The story begins with a young boy, born with talent and his insatiable desire to draw. He discovered his talent for canvas/oil paintings, wall art and graffiti, that has seen him rise to prominence in the local scene. Yet, most graffiti artists in the world have the privilege of using empty walls to fine-tune their practice, but since graffiti is considered as vandalism in Singapore, Ceno2 came up with a creative solution, as he usually does.

Ceno2’s desire is to share his art with people, to uplift communities and to have his art allow someone to feel better about their day. This desire led him to start Artkhalytis, a creative arts company that serves as a platform to use graffiti for commercial and private projects, which kept him on the right side of the law. Commercial projects allowed Ceno2 to discover “Graffiti Fine Art,” which is the use of spray paint as a medium with the technical skills of western fine art to create paintings based off of artistic movements such as realism, surrealism, and cubism; instead of the usual street “tagging.” Using the technical skills he acquired through the diploma he completed in Western Painting at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore and the 10 years of experience he has on the streets, Ceno2 is inspired to take Graffiti Fine Art to the rest of the world.

With his passion for community building, Ceno2 has collaborated with schools to teach children to experiment with Graffiti and to cultivate the next generation of Graffiti artists in Singapore.

The following are a few of the projects Ceno2 has completed:

  • Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal, organized by PUB, and project supported by TEAM Singapore and Singapore Street Festivals
  • Singapore Changi Airport, CAAS
  • Singapore Science Centre
  • Awarded the Internationale Arts Grant by the Singapore International Foundation – 2012
  • Meeting of Styles – Chicago, Illinois, USA 2012
  • Club Kyo – Singapore 2013
  • The Vault – Singapore 2013
  • Sennheiser Asia Launch – Singapore 2013
  • Zhou B Art Center – Chicago, Illinois, USA 2013
  • Tuff City – Bronx, New York City, NY 2013
  • Scoot Airlines – Singapore Air Show 2014
  • Awarded the Internationale Arts Grant by the Singapore International Foundation – 2014
  • Solo Exhibition at “Gallery Bar” – Chicago, Illinois, USA – 2014
  • O’NOU International Graffiti Competition – Tahiti, French Polynesia – 2014